Diminished Value Protection

What is Diminished Value?

● After a vehicle is repaired, following a Major Accident, the vehicle involved is no longer worth what it was before.

● This loss, in the value of the vehicle, is called Diminished Value.  

● Diminished Value is not covered under a traditional auto insurance policy.

● Diminished Value is felt when trying to resell or trade-in the vehicle.

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What is Ensurall’s Diminished Value Protection?

● In the case of a Major Partial Loss Accident Claim, Ensurall will pay a Fixed Settlement to help make up for the loss due to Diminished Value.

● A Fixed Settlement of 10% of the value of the vehicle which is paid directly to you after suffering a Major Partial Loss Accident Claim.

● A Major Partial Loss Accident Claim is when the insured repair costs exceed 25% of the value of the vehicle at the time of the claim (does not include total loss accident claims). Please see the agreement for full terms & conditions.

Ensurall Diminished Value Calculator

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