Canadian Dollar Reaches Virtual Parity

On October 13 2010, the Loonie reached parity with the US dollar, and is currently trading at 97.04 cents against the greenback…  That sound you are hearing is Canadians racing back to their computers researching the benefits of purchasing all sorts of things in the United States.  Weekend shopping trips to Buffalo and Seattle are being planned as we speak.  While most Canadians plan to make a stop at the nearest Target or Bloomingdales stores, a sideline trip may take them to the any of the major auto dealerships to explore the possible savings of purchasing a new or used vehicle in the United States.  Once the savings are calculated, including the cost of an extended warranty, Canadians are finding the process to import vehicles into Canada is not as simple as clothes shopping at the department store. 

Here is a link to Registrar of Imported Vehicles website on how to complete the process of importing a vehicle into Canada from the United States.  This is a must read for anyone who wants to take on the task.

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