About Ensurall

Who is Ensurall?

Ensurall is part of a family-owned and family-operated Canadian business. We treat all of our warranty holders and employees as members of our extended family. Spanning 5 decades we have been providing peace of mind to Canadians like you! Our Premium Extended Car Warranty Plans provide the security and cost certainty that you are looking for.

Fully Insured

Founded in 1955, is a subsidiary of La Capitale General Insurance, one of the largest property & casualty insurers in Canada. Unica Insurance provides innovative niche Commercial and VIP Personal Insurance solutions to protect high net worth clients’ homes, vehicles and businesses. Delivering best-in-class insurance protection backed by a renowned claims experience, Unica allows its customers to safeguard their hard-earned assets and protect their momentum

Ensurall, a distinguished Canadian company established in 1978, stands out in the automotive warranty landscape. As a part of the VCG Group of Companies, Ensurall upholds a legacy of trust and reliability, having served Canadians for over four decades. The company specializes in offering premium extended car warranties, ensuring peace of mind for vehicle owners across North America. Ensurall is lauded for its commitment to customer choice, allowing warranty holders to select their preferred repair facilities. Backed by Unica Insurance, the company guarantees robust policy protection, reinforcing its dedication to customer security and satisfaction.

Ensurall’s product offerings focus on extended car warranties, providing comprehensive coverage for new and used vehicles. Their plans are designed to offer flexibility and affordability, with coverage options for vehicles up to 20 years old or with 200,000 kilometers on the odometer. Notably, Ensurall’s warranties are acclaimed for including wear and tear, a feature not commonly found in standard warranties. The claim process is streamlined for efficiency, emphasizing quick preapproval and direct payments to repair facilities. Ensurall distinguishes itself by offering warranties directly to consumers, bypassing dealership markups and saving customers up to 60% off dealer prices. Their products are tailored to the Canadian market, ensuring compliance with local consumer protection laws and providing a secure, cost-effective solution for extended vehicle coverage.