Frequently Asked Questions

Proudly Canadian Owned & Operated, Ensurall is part of the VCG Group of Companies, established in 1978. Formally Veri-Cheque Ltd., VCG Group, is one of Canada’s leading financial guarantors, protecting Canadian companies against late-payment and bankruptcy. VCG is proud of its untarnished history of service and claims payment, which spans five decades.

Ensurall offers their Warranty Holders the most control over where their vehicles will be repaired. When a Warranty Holder has a problem with their vehicle, we ask that they call our office with their concerns/symptoms and let us know where they intend to take their vehicle for a diagnostic. Once the vehicle has been diagnosed, we ask that the mechanic either email or fax us their diagnostic and estimate. In very rare cases, Ensurall may send an adjuster to examine the vehicle on-site or Ensurall may ask for a second opinion.

If the repair is covered, a written preapproved claim is emailed/faxed to the repair facility. All claims need to be preapproved before a repair can begin. When the repair is completed and the final invoice is received and signed by the Warranty Holder, Ensurall initiates claim payment direct to the Repair Facility.

Your Mechanic is Our Mechanic. Ensurall allows Warranty Holders to decide where to take their vehicle for repairs. Choosing your own repair facility means your local mechanic or the dealership where you purchased your car.

Ensurall’s preferred method of payment is by credit card, which satisfies all Repair Facilities. If a Repair Facility does not want to work with Ensurall, we will reimburse you for a preapproved claim.

Ensurall is apart of VCG Group of Companies which has proven success and longevity (since 1978). Ensurall is also fully insured with Unica Insurance, further protecting your policy for years to come.

Yes, Ensurall does cover wear tear (as outlined in our contract). However, Ensurall warranties DO NOT cover regular wear and tear items or maintenance items or services like brake pads and shoes, light bulbs, spark plugs, shocks, or services like oil changes or tune-ups.

Canada has specific consumer protection laws for warranty providers so it’s very important to buy from a Canadian warranty company. Consumers are not protected if they buy a warranty from the United States knowing they fall out of the jurisdiction of Canadian laws. Furthermore, a Canadian citizen who has a dispute with an American warranty provider has no direct access to any court system to settle the dispute either in Canada or the United States.

The major difference between Ensurall warranties and dealership warranties is the price. Because Ensurall offers its warranties directly to you the consumer and not through a middleman – in this case the dealership – we can offer our warranties with significant savings of up to 60% LESS. Ensurall sells warranties without a markup while dealerships on average markup their warranties by 100%.