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  • Avatar Ronald Hübner ★★★★ 2 years ago
  • Avatar Craig Hastings ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I've been a happy Ensurall customer now for about 6 years, and am on My second KIA with Full Coverage from Ensurall, I get service done at the dealership and when I told them I had coverage from Ensurall they said no problem! and took my contract number and care of everything. I only had to pay for the parts and service not covered. The like Peace of mind having coverage on today's sophisticated vehicles. Everything is straight forward with Ensurall, everything is spelled out. I recommend … More keeping a copy of your contract and the claims procedure in your vehicle in-case your away from home. I did a lot of research before buying and even when I purchased my second still nothing better that I have seen and is very comparable to the Manufactures Extended Warranty. I recommend Ensurall.
  • Avatar P.R. Vick ★★★★★ in the last week
    Sells rep was great explaining the warranty. I compared to what the dealer offered and Ensurall ended up being my choice. Look forward to future business.
  • Avatar Marc-Andre Raymond ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    No fuzz very quick service. Would recommend anytime. Very very responsive. Thanks
  • Avatar Jeff Turner ★★★★ a year ago
    Ensurall does fulfill their obligations to the customer by payment based on the plan you purchase; however, the claims process can be a bit bumpy, make sure whatever service shop you are using clearly list each item that needs to be repaired line by line. It would be great if Ensurall provided each customer with a Standardized FACT sheet template with the customer name/plan number/repair issue(s)/email/claims phone number, with the sign-up package so the process to initiate the claim would be easy, … More I had to make one and provide the dealer with this information. These suggestions are very important to creating a seamless experience. I thank Trish Renwick in customer service for being patient & very helpful she made the experience excellent!
    If it wasn't for the shortcomings I had recommended I would have given 5 STARS.
  • Avatar Dean Vucenovic ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Excellent coverage on their policy. Very good price to pay for some piece of mind. Professional, polite, always make sure to answer any questions you may have. There are only three companies that I would consider getting coverage with and they simply beat out their competition.
  • Avatar soran aziz (YaNo) ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    I love this guys used to have a 2008 BMW X5 and I used Ensurall and they were so good and easy to deal with , the best parts of this guys is you can take it anywhere or any mechanic 👍
  • Avatar Sean Williams ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    My wife and I have just signed up our second vehicle for an Ensurall Extended Warranty. We had just completed 5 full years of coverage (did not max out the KM's) on a used car that we had bought back in 2010. We called Shadi J. again for a quote on our newest vehicle and were very happy with what he was able to offer.In the 5 years of our previous used vehicle we put through at least a dozen claims and were very happy with Ensurall. Ensurall will not (and can not) cover everything that goes … More wrong, but they saved us THOUSANDS of dollars in repairs. Far more than we had paid for the original extended warranty. We were very glad we had the Ensurall coverage on that car.The process was always very easy and we claimed through both dealerships and private repair centres. It was never a hassle when the claims were covered.We have been very happy with Shadi J. and Ensurall and expect that we will be again when our new vehicle leaves the factory warranty period.
  • Avatar Blake Edwards ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Thanks for the great service. It was fast and hassle free just like you promised.
  • Avatar krista vezeau ★★★★★ in the last week
    I was very pleased with the service I received! I needed work done and I chose where to take my van to be fixed. They have proven that they care and I feel reassured that I made the right choice choosing Ensurall for my after market warranty company.
  • Avatar Batsirai Chada ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Have worked and received great service from Ensurall, and all the staff. Shadi is most helpful, and knowledgeable about the industry. Save yourself some money and stress, and use Ensurall. Thank you guys.
  • Avatar Martin McGuire ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Ensurall covered my claim. No Complaints, process was pretty quick and mostly painless. Had to pay the $100 deductible, but I knew that going in.
  • Avatar Faisal Munawar ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Great service, very reasonable on pricing. I had a bit of suspension issue on my BMW X5 and i received the approval for the repair with in 12 hours of the request.
  • Avatar P K ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Do not understand the negative comments. I have purchased these warranties for domestic and foreign cars and thus far (2 autos, 1 SUV) have never had an issue. Small things like oil and screws bolts typically should be picked up by the repair shop anyhow because they have never been "beaten up" on their labour rates nor parts costs. If the shop is automatically coming to the customer to "grind" him or her - perhaps the shop is the issue not insurer. Wish they provided coverage … More for exotics but with the number of yahoos learning to drive via those types of cars, I can see why they don't.
  • Avatar Remona LeBlanc ★★★★★ a year ago
    We are new customers with Ensurall and just had our first claim. We had our car repaired, had we had a rental car during that time. My husband and I as well as the Transmission business owner who repaired the car found that this experience went very smoothly and our cheque for the portion paid thru Ensurall was mailed out to us the same day that I emailed them my receipts. Great a service and we would recommend them to family and friends. Thanks for your help Toni 😊
  • Avatar Rick Knoll ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    This is my first after market vehicle warranty. I have owned my vehicle since new and paid the dealership to perform a final factory warranty inspection. This inspection came back clean. I then had Ensurall's shop perform their inspection. They found $14k in deficiencies on a vehicle with 37K km's. The manufacturer ended up covering these repairs. I now have 3 Ensurall policies (Porsche, BMW, Audi) and will be adding a VW shortly. Ensurall is an excellent company. Shadi is a true professional … More and a pleasure to deal with. They use first rate service facilities, which in my opinion are better than the factory dealerships that stand behind their work. I thoroughly researched after market warranties and extended factory warranties before choosing Ensurall. I would highly recommend them.
  • Avatar Randy Bain ★★★★★ in the last week
    We purchased a plan a few years back and the hassle free service we got was amazing and the dealership we dealt with commented that couldn’t believe the coverage we got for such a low price. They also said that Ensurall was very easy to deal with to process claims. This gave us confidence that we can have good coverage at a reasonable cost. We recently purchase a newer used vehicle and again have signed on with Ensurall. We have found and can attest that it is a company you can rely on and trust. … More
  • Avatar Joe Marano ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I have recently purchased extended warranty for our family vehicle from ensurall had my first repair done they took care of it in less than 24 hours I highly recommend them for any vehicle extended warranty.
  • Avatar Qazi Zaighum Haroon Qureshi ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Used the service for my previous Ford Fusion 4 years and now using for my Chevrolet Malibu 5 years plan with 0 Deducible. really worth for payment less than Dealer package and more benefits.
  • Avatar Danny C ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Ensurall is by far the best warranty option. I used them for my 05 Grand AM and now my 2013 Elantra and I have to say that the claims process is easy and very efficient. For the claims I've used them for they were very fast at processing them and was never any hassle. The quote I got from them for my Elantra was $500 cheaper than the dealers offer and provide slightly better service. Highly Recommended.